Life As A New Homeowner: Tips To Get Started!

If someone told me when I was in my teenage years that I’d be a homeowner in my twenties, I wouldn’t have believed them! However, here I am at the ripe old (young) age of 27 loving life in my new pad with my better half. Things have never been so good, and I’ve never quite felt like a real adult up until now!

It’s funny isn’t it? How one significant milestone can change so much? Being a new homeowner is a whole new responsibility and you’ll need to make a few changes to how you live each day to cope with these new demands. Don’t panic – I’m here to rid you of all the nerves and worry and help you to enjoy some of the best years of your life in your new home!

Remember…it’s a HAPPY time.

Before we dive straight in, don’t forget the real reason many people across the globe choose to buy their own home. They’ve worked hard and want to settle down in their very own space. Even though the first stages of getting on the property ladder can be difficult, imagine all the fun you’ll have once you’re in. At the time, sorting all the paperwork was such a pain, but looking back now, the thought of it is well and truly faded in my memory.

Save, save, save.

If you’re committed to being a new homeowner, then saving should be your main priority. I’ve been saving money for as long as I can remember, but if you struggle, think about making some cutbacks for a while. For example, if you’re a bit of a party animal, don’t go out as often. Or, if you like going on multiple shopping trips per month, limit yourself to one or two and don’t go crazy with the cash! Set up a savings account and you’ll easily be able to see what you’ve saved, and how far away you are from reaching that deposit amount.

Look for some second hand furniture.

It’s one thing saving up for a house, but it’s another to find the funds to buy all the furniture and appliances you need to go inside! Asking friends or relatives if they have any furniture they no longer use can be such a great help and is perfect to get you started in your new home. You can always upgrade each bit of furniture once you’re in and settled to slowly make it into your own space. Alternatively, you’ll be able to pick up some cheap bits of furniture at charity shops, so make sure this is one of the first places you visit to make sure you grab a bargain.

Prepare for the big move.

There’s nothing worse than forgetting about the one big thing you need when moving – cardboard boxes. Begin to save up your cardboard boxes and bubble wrap in advance, and even ask for donations if necessary. Surprisingly, not being prepared for the move can really hold you back, especially if the move is soon. Hire a removal van if needed to ensure you can transport all your belongings from point A to point B – and don’t forget to label your boxes!

Only buy what you can afford.

This not only goes for your home, but for everything you put inside it too. We’ve always gone with the rule of ‘if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it’. Refrain from taking out loans just to afford your furniture, and only look at appliances within your price range. Budgeting wisely for the things you need, even for what you’ll be spending on weekly shopping once you’re all moved in, will help you to stay on top of your finances and to help you save money whilst also paying your mortgage.

Be patient.

From putting the offer in on our home to actually getting our keys, it took 3 months. In fact, it was the longest 3 months of our lives! Our estate agent seemed to be very unorganised, and even lost some of our documents, delaying things further! It’s worth keeping in mind that there is the possibility that things may go wrong or take more time than you’d like, but it’s important that things are done correctly. Again, when you’re in your home and settled, it’ll all seem worth it. It definitely did for us! Patience is key.

Once you’re in…clean!

Chances are, you’ll walk into your new empty home with very little to clean or tidy. However, there’s nothing quite like cleaning to your own standard! The first thing we did when we got our house keys was clean the whole house from top to bottom, even the carpets. That way, you can ensure your house is free from dust and dirt before you start hauling in your belongings. 

If you’re a new homeowner, let’s hear your story!

Have you recently bought your own home? Are you just beginning to look for your dream house or are you on the path to getting your keys? Whatever stage you’re at, I’d love to hear how our experience differs. Leave a comment below and let’s chat!

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